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We have a large portfolio of Premium Brandable and Exact Match Domain Names.

TradeMark™ Checks

We check every domain name against currently valid registered TradeMarks.

Monthly Payments

We offer one-time and monthly payment plans via Paypal, Skrill & ESCROW.

Huge savings on expenditure

We hunt down the brand names with the highest search frequencies on google. From 12,000 searches per month to over 6,000,000 typed in searches per month. We know about SEO and how google works. We also know that buying the right domain name can save you from spending unneccessary thousands in advertising every month for a weak brand name.

Great Brands Need Great Names & Great Domain Names

By now many companies are realising that they can save a lot of time and money by investing in the right domain name for their business. Many think that most names are gone and booked forever. No longer available. That is not always true. Talk to us and we will help you find a domain name that fits your budget and more importantly your business.

Case study: Sharks

Need a great brand name for fashion, diving, scuba, surfing, jetskis, cykling etc. Sharks is a cool name but both sharks and shark .com are parked indefinately without any contact and without any sites. They are... dead in the water so to speak. Shaarks.com is free. Not only that, there are 1,220,000 searches for shaarks in google every month. We have just recently started putting a site together and when it is ready we will index it with google and watch it rise to the #1 spot when someone searches for ... wait for it... shark, sharks or shaarks. We will take that #1 spot. Shaarks.com

Domain Portfolio

Below are a few of our current domain name offerings.




Social Entrepreneurship


Loyalty Cards


Premium LLLLL.com


Fakturering & betalservice



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For every business one important name unifies the organization and keeps each individual focused on the work at hand. We aim to help you choose the best domain name for your website, and let it resonate throughout your company in all your day-to-day efforts.

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